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“The Cowboy Killers”

History of the Band…

The Cowboy Killers have evolved from a long number of bands that were fronted by Steve Moore. When Steve first showed up in Oxford he was playing solo all the time and in fact was the first person to play at “Forresters” with Bill and Pat Forrester (Owners and his neighors) but he wanted to be in a full time band. Originally Steve played under a band name “The Flashbacks” which was formed in the early 80’s, compiled of much older band members than Steve as there wasn’t much choice as finding seasoned PROS was pretty hard to do when Steve was just 18 years old. The name “The Flashbacks” was eventually replaced by “Steve Moore and the New South” as Steve was now the “fronting” the band full time, booking shows, providing all the equipment and rehearsal space, etc. Also, and most importanly “Steve Moore & The New South” were playing a variety of music of “Southern” music – as a mixed race band…we combined elements of southern rock, country, folk, with a healthy dose of “FUNK”! “Steve Moore & The New South” played a variety of cover songs but never in the original style as they always added their own unique blend of sounds with a great line-up of musicians to create what Steve once called it “rockin’, psychedelic, country funk”. The band would take old country songs and play them in a rockin’ style or take rock songs and add a flair of country and funk to them – you just never know what to expect!

After years of playing the college circuit, regional bars and venues as well as touring with a number of nationally known bands as an opening back or even headling hundreds of shows, Steve decided to pack it in and moved to Austin, Texas to further his solo show and to learn more about playing that “southern rockin” lead guitar…but eventually made his way back to Oxford where he continued to play full time while either as “The New South” and sometimes ‘The Cowboy Killers” while in Law School and then Steve made the huge jump into becoming an entertainment Lawyer on Music Row for a number of years. Although he had an “awesome studio” in his house that he build by hand and from scratch, there just wasn’t much time to play music live or even in the studio – but Steve managed to produce a number of different bands, continued working on his songwriting, played a few gigs as “The Cowboy Killers” under the pseudonym “Durphy Doucette” but there was barely any time for music. So Steve moved back to Mississippi, he started High Cotton Records and went on to produce and/or engineer a number of projects for acts like Steve Forbert, SecondHandHeroes and the Meridian Compilation CD. After working on so many other projects, he finally released his own record “True Meridian” which hosted some of Merdian’s BEST Talent with Clay Barnes recording, mixing and mastering the CD at Point Recording. Some of the most notable musicians were Chris Ethridge on bass, Clay Barnes and keys and lead guitar, James “Beau” Edwards on Lead and even Randy Howser did some backing vocals. Steve then took a couple of years off to write his book “The Truth about the Music Business”. Upon completing that “The Cowboy Killers” were Re-formed with a new lineup along with his studio partner, Clay Barnes, on lead guitar and a variety of sidemen that also played on Steve’s Last Record “True Meridian”. The line up continues to change as people come and go but the sound is still the same: a true variety of songs and styles and Steve mainly covered song by his many friends that he had worked with over the many years that he’s been playing.



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