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“The Cowboy Killers”


We our proud to have the following fans tell you about us!

“In the mid-1980’s, Steve Moore and The New South gave voice to early Generation X-er’s in Oxford. Together with his talented band comprised of local musicians, Steve Moore gave us a soundtrack for our experiences. Listeners at any of the band’s venues shared an intimacy of connection no matter how large an audience. The music of Steve Moore and The New South provided the doorway to a rare, collective experience. A varied and diverse crowd was drawn to the shimmering intensity of his music which was so palpable you could taste it. Steve called his own unique way of making music “Rock’n psychedelic country funk.” We just called it “cool…” If to see one of his shows was just such an experience, then to watch him work behind the scenes was an education. To say Steve works hard at his music is the most trite of understatements. I grew to know a complex man with the soul of an artist, the encyclopedic knowledge of a scholar, and the tenacity of a bulldog! Steve Moore’s influence on my own life has been profound. He compelled me to set high standards for myself and never ONCE let me get away with playing the “dumb blond.” Now I am glad to know Steve Moore and The New South are back as The Cowboy Killers and sure to charm another generation of music lovers with their own unique musical spell.” March 14, 2008


Steve, you and the New South were rocking the place, i mean rocking the place and you jumped on some tables or the bar and started smashing that old guitar, sounds a little over the top now but i swear it was a perfect ending to a perfect show that night……..that was “a rock show”…..jupiter and mars were lined up just right……I used the words “over the top” but those were the wrong words….it was authentic and music nirvana ……you were in the zone……i remember thinking if he could bottle this, he would have the magic potion to carry him through his career……not just kissing your a**…..it was a special night! (December 12, 2010)

Rick Courtney on my Last Show with the New South before I left for Nashville….


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